Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage Crate - Half Way There!

I finally took a photo of the slat crate before I painted it.  I gave it a decent sanding with 60 grit paper before painting, to try to tone down its splinter-giving capabilities.  It's a simple design, just slats nailed on to the corner pieces of wood.  I covered up the rough edges by nailing another slat on the front.  I used a multi-purpose tool to trim the wood to size and it made quick work of the slats. 

I painted to box with 3 different paints.  I pinkish-brown that I mixed with glaze so that some of the original wood would show through.  I 'weathered' the brown with some grey paint, hapazardly brushed on, and then used some black paint to darken and age the corners more heavily.  I was happy with the final product and now it's all ready for the fun part - adding some sort of graphic or typography! 

I've already started on another crate, this one with fewer slats, but have stalled out on the bottom (I ran out of slats, and wanted to use wood from a pallet I picked up yesterday, but removing the wood is a lot trickier than I thought it would be!). 

Here's a 'before' of the pallet.  Picked it up on the side of the road driving home from work yesterday and hoping to make one final crate out of this. 

Sure, it all doesn't look like much now...but the tranformations continue!

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  1. you've got quite an "international" (Well, North American really) following!!