Sunday, April 14, 2013

Barrel Coffee Table Redux

I saw this tubby beauty a few weeks ago for a STEAL (a steal, I tell you!) and I snatched her up as quick as a wink (unless you have trouble winking, in which case, probably faster). 

The legs and top were what caught my eye.  What I knew wouldn't work was the tacky door and boxy profile.  I had a quick fix for a little weight-loss for this piece!

I [finally] inherited a jigsaw for Christmas last year and I'd been dying to try it out.  I found some brand new blades on sale and set off to the basement for a remodel - quick as a jig (Bwahaha.  Hahaha.  Ha?)

Using the jigsaw, I cut out the side panels relatively quickly and easily.  The door was easy to unscrew and remove. 

I had to patch trim around the legs and lower shelf  after I removed the panels.  This was probably the most time consuming aspect of the project (well, maybe the stenciling took a while, too), as wood filler needs a couple of applications in deeper rivets. 

I'm sorry I didn't take any process pictures of this project.  I think I meant to, but then got distracted by the excitement of the jigsaw and the stencil work on the top.  After the wood filler was dried and sanded, a couple quick coats of homemade chalk paint saw the bottom half of this piece ready to go. 

I used a small angled paintbrush to paint multiple layers of colour on the top and then a foam stencil brush to stencil on the fleur-de-lis accents.

I finished it off with a couple of coats of varathane floor finish - my favourite - and she was looking good! 

I had painted over the wood filler with an off-white homemade chalk paint, so when distressing, this colour came through on the decorative feet and legs.  I liked how it tied into the check pattern on the table-top. 

Now this barrel coffee table is much more sleek, modern and stylish - and no longer retro and dated! 

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