Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tiny Table - It Spins!

I bought a couple of occasional tables off of Kijiji a while back for some ridiculously low price, but I didn't like the tops of the tables.  I had a graphic in mind to make the table into a birthday gift for a friend, but I couldn't put an image on the table-top.  They were 'faux' leather and octagonal...not the right surface and not my favourite.  I couldn't figure out what to replace them with - and then a stroke of genious hit me while strolling the isles at our local St. V de P...

A wooden cheese tray!  Better yet - a LAZY SUSAN-style cwooden heese tray! 

So get this, now the table top is round (just the way I like it) and it spins! 

I love it!

The graphic is from The Graphics Fairy (as always!) and I created my own 'transfer' by printing out the graphic, rubbing the back of it with a grahpite stick, positioning and taping it to the table-top and then tracing over the graphic.  The final step is to go over the tracing with either paint or a permanent marker - I always use a permanent marker.  Who can tell and it's 100x faster!

I used the good ol' homemade chalk paint on the body and sanded down to the original finish for an antiqued look.  Everything gets a once over with MinWax Finishing Paste for good measure.  Now the question is: how do I wrap it? 

I'm sharing this post on My Repurposed Life - definitely check out the other cool projects! 
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  1. LOVE your table Emily!! great job with the graphic, and I love that it spins.
    thanks for sharing at Catch as Catch Can!

  2. Found you through Gail's MRL.

    I LOVE THIS TABLE...yes...I was shouting! lol What a genious you are to have put a 'spin' on a top for the table!! I envy your friend! I know she had to have loved it!

    1. Thank you! It really was a total fluke, however...but I'll take the credit! ;)

  3. I have this table bottom in my basement and have been waiting to find a project to repurpose it. The top is not useable so this is perfect. Must find some chalk paint.

    1. Awesome! It was super-easy for me - I just used the attachment and screws that were already there and drilled them in to the lazy susan. Good luck with your project!