Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chairs for Charity - Cowboys, Robin, & Rock(er) Stars

The last post gave you a glimpse of one of the near-century old parson-style chairs that once belonged to the Granite Club in Toronto. 

The first of the four chairs is finished - in fine cowgirl style! 

The chair was recovered using denim and the chair was sanded and then painted a rich red using homemade chalk paint, with a final coat of straight latex paint.  I trimmed the bottom of the chair with part of a faux leather snake skin belt.  I used a similar belt to create the 'cowboy boot' embellishments, adding some rhinestones for extra 'bling'. 

Now this chair is ready to rock and rodeo!

I've got a number of other chairs on the go at the are some 'before' pictures.  Hoping to have some 'afters' available in a couple of days. 

Can a chair be inspired by a Robin Hood action figure?  I think so!  This chair has come substantially further than the photo below and I can't wait to post the finished photo.  Perfect for a little boy! 
There are two of these super-solid chairs, above.  If I can get the sponsor I'd like for them, they're soon to become 'Newsies.' 
 Four of these pretty Queen-Anne inspired chairs below.  One is being sponsored by the New Canadians Centre.
This cute bistro set is getting an awesome custom makeover.  Below is a sneak peek...still lots to do on these two!


 Between a rock(er) and a hard place? The chair on the right is getting special treatment from some YMCA staff. The chair on the right is up for grabs...and may be staying 'naked.' It looks great!

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