Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to Blogging

It's a revolution - a back-to-blogging revolution! In an attempt to better document my DIY projects and 'For Sale' pieces, I've decided to go back to maintaining a blog. I used to blog when I was 'in my twenties' (bwahahaha...can you believe it?) and often travelling - my blogs were mostly about new places (you can check them out by clicking on the 'View Complete Profile' link on the right). Now, I'm embarking on new adventures that indulge my creativity with abandon - and you can follow along!

For now, check out my Facebook page and take a look at the various photo albums I have online. Many of those photos will make it back on here at some point, but I think I'm going to start blogging in 'real time' with projects I'm working on in the present, as opposed to trying to get past projects up on here.

This new endeavor will begin tomorrow (Sunday is a day of rest? Mmmmm...if your idea of rest is throwing on work clothes and practically painting yourself as much as anything else...then 'yes!').

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Emily - glad you are blogging. Add a followers section to your blog so I can join. Then I'll get your posts to my feed. J

  2. Welcome back to blogging... can't wait to see your stories of turning old stuff into new amazing pieces! :) Sarah